Metis – A Tool to Harmonize and Analyze Multi-Sectoral Data and Linkages at Variable Spatial Scales

Zarrar Khan, Thomas Wild, Chris Vernon, Andy Miller, Mohamad Hejazi, Leon Clarke, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Raul Munoz Castillo, Fekadu Moreda, Julia Lacal Bereslawski, Micaela Suriano, Jose Casado


Abstract: Metis was developed to allow users to analyze regional and sub-regional multi-sector dynamics by providing a platform to harmonize and amalgamate data from different models and stakeholders operating at variable spatial scales. Metis is an open-source R package hosted on GitHub. Metis functions collectively allow users to compare, manipulate, and harmonize multi-sector data at user-specified spatial scales, and to identify and quantify sectoral inter-linkages. Each Metis function can also be used independently to support an array of other research applications, such as spatial analysis and data visualization.

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