Multiple engineer positions for the Bureau of Reclamation, a water and power management agency in the western U.S.

This posting is to fill multiple positions on the Colorado River Basin Research and Modeling Team stationed in Boulder, CO. Our team works on modeling and analysis to support near- and mid-term decisions as well as long-term planning for major Colorado River policies. We work with researchers to study climate change, forecasting, and decision science that can improve our tools and processes, ultimately supporting sound decisions and stakeholder needs. Recent and ongoing representative examples of our work include supporting the decision to undertake emergency operations at Glen Canyon Dam and developing a DMDU-based technical framework for upcoming negotiations to identify new operations at Lakes Powell and Mead.

TL;DR: We are a team of engineers working in research, advanced modeling, and data analysis to support a complex, critical, international river basin and we need smart people.

Job posting at USAJOBS –

Closes June 15, 2022

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