We are aiming to take advantage of the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting to formally launch the MSD community. We are coordinating a number of MSD sessions aimed at bringing together researchers from around the world, present compelling research on MSD and accelerate the development of the MSD community. Please consider submitting an abstract by July 29th 23:59 EDT to the following sessions:

U007 – Modeling MultiSector Dynamics to Inform Adaptive Pathways
Nathalie Voisin (PNNL), Klaus Keller (Penn State), Yoshihide Wada (IIASA)

GC058 – MultiSector Dynamics: Science & Modeling for Societal Transformations
Pat Reed (Cornell); Jennifer Morris (MIT); Enayat Moallemi (Deakin U); Jan Kwakkel (TU-Delft)

IN030 – MultiSector Dynamics: Adopting FAIR Data Standards
Casey Burleyson (PNNL), Adam Schlosser (MIT), Allen Lee (ASU), and Chris Vernon (PNNL)

GC057 – MultiSector Dynamics: Modeling Advances for Representing Adaptive Human Systems Response to Change
Jim Yoon (PNNL), Patricia Romero- Lankao (NREL), Christian Klassert (UFZ), Evelina Trutnevyte (University of Geneva)

GC059 – MultiSector Dynamics: Uncertainty Characterization for Coupled Natural-Human Systems
Vivek Srikrishnan (Penn State), Jonathan Lamontagne (Tufts), Andrea Castelletti (Politecnico di Milano), Stefano Galleli (Singapore SUTD)

GC054 – Multi-Sector Dynamics: Urban System Interactions and Resilience
Andrew Jones (LBNL), Christa Brelsford (ORNL), James Rising (London School of Economics), Anu Ramaswami (Princeton)

GC055 – MultiSector Dynamics: Energy-Water-Land Interactions at Multiple Scales
Tom Wild (PNNL/UMD), Zarrar Khan (PNNL), Adriano Vinca (IIASA), Makoto Taniguchi (RIHN)

GC056 – MultiSector Dynamics: linking physical and human system dynamics
Abigail Snyder (JGCRI), Kalyn Dorheim (St. Olaf College), Alexander C. Ruane (NASA Goddard), Yan Li (Beijing Normal University)

GC040 – Extreme Events, Climate Change and Urban Systems
Deeksha Rastogi (ORNL), Melissa R Allen-Dumas (ORNL), Kuldeep R Kurte (ORNL)

GC008 – Advances in Understanding Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change in a Changing Climate Using Earth System Records and Models
Dan Li (BU), Edouard Davin (ETH), Yanyan Cheng (PNNL)


We also recommended the following related sessions of interest:

SY037 – Science Informing Energy Resilience and Adaptation Strategies
Martine Schmidt-Poolman (California Energy Commission), Amanda Stevens (NYSERDA)

GC07 – Bridging systems modeling advances across socio-ecological domains
Amanda Giang, (UBC), Sarah Fletcher (Stanford University), Megan Lickley (MIT), Morgan Edwards (University of Wisconsin Madison)