Welcome to the MSD Working Group on Multisector Impacts of Energy Transitions


Our vision is to understand the most important multisectoral energy trends that should inform decision-makers and help direct the MSD community to maximize its impact on society.

Technological advancement and energy & environmental policy have driven rapid changes in the energy sector, and these developments have pervasive influence on other economic sectors and natural systems. As these developments accelerate, there is an increasing need to understand the resulting feedbacks between human and natural systems. This Working Group will advance the understanding of these multisectoral relationships by building a diverse team to identify what feedbacks, sectors, and societal constructs are missing from existing analytical approaches and define new research pathways towards a more holistic understanding of the multisector impacts of energy transitions.


Recent webinars

March 10, 2023
Identifying high-priority opportunities for research in multi-sector impacts of energy transitions 

Thank you to members of the MSD Community of Practice who participated in the March 2023 webinar discussing the state and frontier of multisector impacts of energy transitions. The webinar reveiwed our current understanding of multisectoral relationships and identified gaps in our current capability to model and analyze how energy sector transitions interact with the rest of society and nature. The panelists shared their insights about the interactions, sectors, and systems that are missing or inadequately addressed by existing analytical approaches and proposed new research pathways and community approaches that could help build a more holistic understanding of energy transitions.

Get Involved

The Multisector Impacts of Energy Transitions Working Group actively seeks new members from both within and outside the current MSD Community of Practice. The opportunity exists to join a growing team that will help shape the MSD CoP over the next years, enabling it to fill a key ‘translational gap’ identified in MSD Vision Report 2030. 

If you are a Multi Sector Dynamics researcher (or are interested in engaging more with the MSD community going forward) and are passionate about achieving societal impact through science and learning from practitioners/decisionmakers to further improve your science, then please feel free to reach out to us via the following form. Similarly, if you are a practitioner or decisionmaker (e.g. from a US federal, state, or local agency; an international organization; or an expert from an NGO, think-tank, or implementing institution) who may be interested in learning more about MSD research, please also feel free to connect with us.