We are proud to announce that our Community of Practice is leading a Call for Papers at Earth’s Future.

Submission Open: 1 October 2020
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2021
Special Section Organizers:
Patrick Reed, Cornell University
Jan Kwakkel, Technical University at Delft
Julie Rozenberg, World Bank
Jennifer Morris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jordan Macknick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Special Issue abstract:
Designing dynamic and adaptive strategies for navigating the challenges of the Anthropocene hinges on a sound understanding of the interdependent co-evolution of our technological (e.g., water supply, energy, transport, etc.), societal (population, health, economy), natural (watersheds, wetlands, forests, coasts) and managed (water resources, agriculture, forestry) systems. Understanding and projecting the dynamic interaction of these systems, and inherent systematic risks, is a grand scientific challenge that requires integration of concepts, data, methods, and insights from many disciplines in novel ways. The field of Multisector Dynamics (MSD) aims to advance our understanding of the co-evolution of human and natural systems in response to environmental, technological and societal changes and shocks; and to build the next generation of tools that bridge across sectors, scales, and disciplines. This special issue seeks state-of-the-art contributions that provide new insights and technical
innovations that advance the emerging field of MSD.

We would like to encourage the members of our community to submit their contributions to this Special Issue.