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Coastal Integrated Hydro-Terrestrial Modeling Workshop Report!

The MSD Community of Practice is organizing several sessions during the AGU Fall meeting

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2021 AGU Fall Meeting

Don’t miss the MultiSector Dynamics Community of Practice at this year’s meeting. Two sessions guides summarize the MSD sessions. Access our detailed tabular or graphical summary guides to find all the sessions (co-)organized by our community.

About us

We are a multi-disciplinary collective of researchers based at universities and national labs across the United States. Our community of practice is made up of junior and senior natural and social scientists, engineers, economists, and other researchers working at the interface of human and natural systems.

The following mission statement, themes and science questions, and community development process are meant as starting points for the MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) community and will continuously evolve and be formally developed into an upcoming white paper.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help establish a community of practice of MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) researchers in the United States and internationally.

The MSD community aims to improve our understanding of the co-evolution of human and natural systems over time, and build the next generation of tools that bridge across sectors (energy, water, land, economy) and scales (spatial, temporal), and offer a holistic view of systems-of-systems.

Using these tools we aim to identify and illuminate how key processes act across the multiple scales that shape the complex interactions and multidirectional feedbacks among human and Earth systems.

Community Development Process

The MSD community’s mission and focus is coalescing rapidly from insights generated by the participating members of the research community. In the coming year, members of the Community will have opportunities to work together to continue evolving our mission, themes, science questions, and synergistic activities. 

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