Working Group Co-Chairs

Vivek Srikrishnan, Co-Chair
Pennsylvania State University

Research interests: climate extremes, climate risk management, coupled natural-human systems, complex systems dynamics, uncertainty quantification, decision-making under uncertainty

Jonathan Lamontagne, Co-Chair
Tufts University

Research interests: hydrologic risk analysis, decision-making under deep uncertainty, global sensitivity analysis

Working Group Active Core Members

Jonathan Herman
University of California, Davis

Research interests: global sensitivity analysis, coupled system dynamics, uncertainty in climate extremes

Julianne Quinn
University of Virginia

Research interests: water resources management, multi-objective control, stochastic hydrology, risk assessment, uncertainty analysis

Ryan Sriver
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research interests: Earth system modeling, extreme events, uncertainty quantification

Tony Wong
Rochester Institute of Technology

Research interests: model calibration, uncertainty characterization, Bayesian statistics, climate change, sea-level rise, coastal impacts

Jennifer Morris
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Research interests: uncertainty quantification, risk assessment, energy-economic modeling, coupled human-natural systems, water and coastal adaptation

Erwan Monier
University of California, Davis

Research interests: climate change and extreme weather, terrestrial ecosystem health, wildfires, energy-water-land system dynamics, climate-health interactions