Take aways from our February Community Building Webinar

The February 22, 2022 MultiSector Dynamics Vision Report and Community Building Webinar followed the MSD CoP’s January release of the Vision Report. The two hour webinar was split approximately evenly between presentations and interactive discussions with attendees. The presentations provide a brief summary of the vision report as well as other major MSD CoP activities (e.g., Multi-Sectoral Urban Interactions Workshop, Coastal Integrated Hydro-Terrestrial Modeling Workshop, MSD focused special section in the Earth’s Future journal, and recent AGU sessions). We received valuable feedback on future community and outreach events, as well as on opportunities for growing the MSD community. The 98 registrants came from the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and more. Attendees represented many DOE labs, academic/research institutions, and agencies. Early career researchers represented a significant proportion of the overall audience. Interactive discussions generated excellent ideas for MSD events, creating opportunities for junior researchers, and for collaborating across research communities, agencies, and institutions at regional, federal, and international levels. The webinar will shape the MSD CoP’s next steps: (1) develop a calendar of webinar events related to key MSD science challenges, (2) questionnaires to help prioritize suggested options for meetings, collaborations, and networking, and (3) prepare for the next call for working group proposals for Summer 2022. 

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