Our Energy Transitions Working Group is hosting a webinar panel discussion on March 10th from 3:00-4:15 PM EST.

Title: Identifying high-priority opportunities for research in Multi-sector Impacts of Energy Transitions (MIET)

Abstract: Technological advancement, increasing demands, global climatic changes, and policy have driven rapid changes in the energy sector such as renewable energy deployment and electrification. Since the energy sector is closely interlinked with other economic sectors and natural systems, there is an increasing need to understand the resulting multisectoral impacts of energy sector transitions, along with multidirectional interactions across sectors and systems. For example, renewable fuels and electricity generation can create new competition for land and water that affects food production and urban resource use. Growth in solar and battery deployment could necessitate accelerated demand for critical materials and elements that are in limited supply or may have costly production or disposal challenges. Electrification and automation could have wide-ranging impacts on fuel use, mobility, and energy consumption throughout the world, with additional interactions with water and land use. This webinar will discuss current understanding of multisectoral relationships and identifies gaps in our current capability to model and analyze how energy sector transitions interact with the rest of society and nature. The panelists will share their insights about the interactions, sectors, and systems that are missing or inadequately addressed by existing analytical approaches, and propose new research pathways and community approaches that could help build a more holistic understanding of energy transitions.

When: March 10th, 3:00-4:15 pm EST/ 12:00-1:15 pm PST

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