Welcome to the MSD Working Group on Early Career Development

As the MSD community is formed and begins to grow, this Working Group will seek to expand participation among a diverse group of early career scientists, provide professional development opportunities to graduate students and post-docs, and serve as a contact point for interdisciplinary education activities taking place in the MSD community. We will foster capacity building across institutions and scientific focus areas through hosting professional development workshops and forming a community of practice for MSD researcher-teachers.

Info Session

Articles of Interest

Choose Your Own Geoscience Adventure

There’s no one way to be a scientist. Read on to meet a group of professionals who discovered that their route wasn’t limited to the well-lit avenue. [Source: EOS]

An Analytics Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts rank among the top priorities for organizations, both academic and industrial. Read more on modeling and analytics on DEI progress. [Source: ORMS TODAY]

Academic Leaders’ Diversity Attitudes: Their Role in Predicting Faculty Support for Institutional Diversity

Methods for fostering faculty support of DEI have largely centered on formal workshops and interventions. We extend this work drawing on the trickle-down model and its underlying theories (social learning theory, social information processing theory) to investigate whether a recurring source of social influence—academic leaders—spur faculty DEI support. [Source: Journal of Diversity in Higher Education]

Upcoming Survey

The survey for scientists working in fields related to MultiSector Dynamics is in development. It is scheduled for release in late 2021.

Work Products from Working Group’s First Year

Actionable Literature

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